Sunday, 8 June 2014

Congratulation, Darling!

                Today’s blogpost is so special and  dedicated to my lovely partner, Mr. Wegi Dwi Sapto as he successfully being promoted to MT1 in Schlumberger. FYI, Im typing this post during my transit at Soetta Aiprort to Kuala Lumpur. J J
Another vacation to celebrate this, honey? ;)

                Darling, I know you have been working so hard to achieve this. I know the condition always not by your side. You’re having a manager that will never make any ways of his employee easy. Everytime you want to propose yourself to be promoted, obstacles always there. But, nothing comes easy right? Everything you already sacrificed before, giving you the sweetest moment ever.

                As per the status quo, you will no longer wearing that green hat, it will turns to white tomorrow. Your coverall is now orange (this has no relation with promotion. Haha :p). Your manager has given has trust to you, so that is why you being promoted (okay, despite of the gossip, YOU DESERVE TO BE PROMOTED, believe me). I hope we can stay in line with our goal, to make our dream come true, to pursue our happiness. Most of all, I hope you will always stay by my side, through good and bad, because I will.

                Again, congratulation my love! J                    



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