Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Taking a Break From Social Media

                I am having a Facebook account with over 1000+ friends which I don’t really know most of them, I have a Twitter account with more than 60K tweets, and I suddenly realize that I have spend half of my life on social media. I think I can be categorized as an ‘alay’ person by looking at my tweets number. This is definitely a good sign. So, I have decided to taking a long break from social media. I am signing out from Facebook, Twitter, Path and Instagram for the time being. These are the social media that I think I am addicted to it and I should take sometime off. 

                Why am I doing so? I am not sure either. Maybe I just got hit by lightning thunder that bring me to right path? Haha :p Well, honestly I feel that I am better as a virtual human compare to a real human. I talks a lot on Twitter, but if you meet me personally, I am like disable to speak. Apart from that, this virtual world connection is creating everyone in the world of their own. This picture below, is the truth. 

                I am sick of spending time with people who are too busy with their own world. And that include me. My partner always (most of the times) reminded me to put away my phone and focus on what we are doing, for example while having dinner together. How could you possibly feel when you are having dinner with your special someone is too busy with the gadget they’re holding and keep on tweeting putting rubbish on Twitter’s timeline? It’s a shame but I have to admit that I ever did that. There might a moment that ‘cheking in’ and ‘posting photos’ are the most important thing on earth compare to the moment itself. Cant we just be normal and enjoy the moment while it last? Why don’t we keep it special just for us? And if it’s too important so that others need to see or know it, photos upload can wait later, right? 

                What to do now in order to accomplish the mission of taking a break from social media? Easy. Sign out from your current account. Or if its hard, deactivate your account. Or, if its still hard, why don’t un-install the application on your gadget? Currently, I am trying to succeed on my mission, hopefully I am doing fine. No worries, I am still reachable through Whatsapp, BBM, Line and the classic never ending SMS. Come on guys, take off your super sophisticated gadget and enjoy real life! :)


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