Sunday, 20 April 2014

Social Media = Show Off ??

Hello blogworld?

Im not so sure since when people become so addicted to social media, which I think it should includes me in the 'people' I mentioned. I found that years ago, I decided to create my first social media account on MySpace. After it became less popular, Facebook became my choice and it turns out to stay strong till today, even with the existence of various social media platform like Twitter, Path, Instagram, just to name a few. 

Previously, I decided to have a social media account just to let myself stay connected with my friends in Malaysia because it seems the easiest way to do so. Few years later, I do not find it the way it use to be. I find myself saying nasty things on Twitter, uploading pictures of my new belongings on Instagram, checking in at unimportant place on Foursquare and many other things to be ashamed of. 

As we grow older, we are getting more mature, aren't we? So do I. Hopefully. Yes, it is okay to use social media, but within its portion. For me, the portion of it is do not hurts other's feeling. I realize that how happy we are when we had the chance to eat at a fancy restaurant, order nice food, buy new branded clothes, getting many presents during our special day or even having a very happy vacation with our love one. But, do we ever thought of others feeling? Those people who are being your friend and follower on your social media account? Or those who are not your friend or follower but they also spend few hours on your public account everyday, oh we have name for them, your stalker. 

We should realize one thing, its that not everyone can afford what we have. Its a true fact. We are human being, numerous background, different personalities and deep inside, nobody dont know what we are feeling. The real feeling inside us. Im not talking about others, but Im talking about myself. About how many times I was so fragile seeing my friends get a chance to go to overseas, wearing designers clothes, getting lovely surprises and so many others heartbreaking moment to tell. Okay, it sounds childish, but its also true right? Even though there is a mature me inside keeps on telling me that its not okay to be jealous of what people have and turn it to be a motivation for me, but there is some other thing bothering me. 

I turn myself into the person I dislike. Im showing off using my social media accounts. If you are being my friend or happen to follow me on those accounts, you will realize it. I will update at almost every places I went using Path or previously using Foursquare. I will post pictures of any brand new thing I have or even uploading pictures of my partner and I posing very ugly. What am I doing? At first, I might thinking of just sharing it, its my social media account, its my right to do whatever I want. But in the end I realize Im not doing the right thing. In the end, sharing those things become unintended form of showing off. 

This is a reminder to me, and maybe also for you my dearest friend to use the social media in modesty, using it wisely. This words I found on Facebook, opened my eyes. It's in Malay, but I hope most of you will understand.

"Tanpa kita sedari facebook berjaya meninggalkn kesan negatif dlm diri kita kian hari..

Dulu-dulu, mak ayah selalu pesan..kalau ada barang baru, jgn tunjuk depan kawan..nanti kawan sedih nak beli dan mungkin mak ayahnya x mampu..kalau makanan ada sedikit, jgn makan depan kawan nnti dia terliur..betapa indah pembentukan akhlak anak2 ketika itu kerana apa jua yang dibuat perlu ada sikap memikirkan untuk tidak mengguris hati org lain..

Tapi kini, tanpa kita sedari..melalui fb dan laman2 sosial lain, kita menjadi terbiasa untuk menunjuk2 atas kata2 'share'..beli barang baru, upload gambar.. sebelum makan, upload gambar.. perah susu banyak2, upload gambar...dapat komisen, elaun or gaji lebih, upload gmbr cek, slip gaji, slip bank, .. anak dapat result exam bagus, upload gambar buku penyata anak, mmm..dan banyak dan banyak lagi yg tujuannya untuk share kegembiraan, kemenangan, dll tp realitinya tanpa kita sedar dan mungkin kita x ambil peduli ada antara yang lihat gambar makanan yg kita uploaad mungkin dah beberapa hari tak makan, ada yang tengok gambar slip gaji kita di kalangan mereka yang baru diberhentikan kerja..ada yang tengok gambar buku penyata anak kita di kalangan ibu bapa yg dikurniakan anak yang lembam..ada yang tengok gambar susu perahan kita mungkin di kalangan ibu yang mempunyai penyakit tak dapat hasilkan susu, dan banyak lagi..

"Sembunyikanlah kegembiraan kita, kerna mungkin ada yang sedang berduka"..
"Sembunyikanlah kekayaan kita kerna mungkin ada yang papa kedana"..
"Sembunyikanlah kesihatan kita kerna mungkin ada yang sedang sakit"..
"Sembunyikanlah kejayaan kita kerna mungkin ada yang merana."..

Sesungguhnya, perbuatan merendah diri dan tidak suka menunjuk itu amalan yang mulia..

Yok, sama2 kita berusaha ke arah itu..

Jadikan fb medan perkongsian ilmu..
Jadikan fb medan tazkirah..
Jadikan fb medan maklumat..
Jadikan fb medan yang boleh memajukan ummah..

Semoga usaha kita yang sedikit Allah pandang dan diberi ganjarannya. .Amiin..
allahumma ameen.."

 Live simple :)

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  1. hmm, kalau menurutku tergantung orangnya memanage hati. bisa jadi socmed sarana untuk silaturahim dan berbagi ide.