Saturday, 5 April 2014

What's Yours?

There's a a tweet from an account that Ive been following on twitter, @tweetnikah, saying this : 

And here's my answer :

Honestly, I am somehow allergic to a so called thing as a 'Long Distance Relationship' and its getting worse if it will become 'Long Distance Marriage'. Of course I have my own reasons behind this. 

Firstly, I do not like being far away from the one I love. If I ever had a chance to chose in the past, I will never live in a different country with my parents and sister. It kills me. I wish I ever had a chance for us to stay together under one roof again, hopefully. Maybe in the future. That simple reason, (I think its simple, though) should also be implied to my life partner, A.K.A my husband. 

What is the point of being in a marriage if you could only meet your spouse once in a month, or some others only get a chance in 3 months or longer? Yes, I admit that there are lot of tools of communication, but who can deny the feeling of someone standing beside you, sleeping with you every night, someone who is always there whenever you need them compare to someone who you could only see them on screen while skype-ing, hear their voice when they call? I also realize that marriage is not only about being together 24-7, but its far more than that. But it will be better if we always with each other, isnt it?

Secondly, you can always find money anywhere. Yes, it's true. Moreover, for married couple, the door to 'rezeki' is wider open. No need to worry if you are doing work with smaller salary compare to your friend who works thousand miles away from their wife and dont even get a chance to accompany their wife when delivering their baby due to work. When you decide to leave your family, you will miss a lot of meaningful and beautiful moments. You might miss the moment when your child first word, first time at school, your child performance and many other. I, with no doubt do not want that to happen. 

I ever said this to my partner :
"If there is any job offer for you to work overseas, take me with you. I will follow you wherever you will go"
Only that. Its clear that I do not want to be far way with my (future) husband. What about you?


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