Monday, 24 February 2014

Today’s Priority is Different

                If I am still an unemployed or still studying in university, I will give a shot for the exchange program selection, which is PPAN (Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara). But today’s priority is totally different with the one I made few years back. Maybe you are asking why I never tried that during I was in college? The answer is simple, during my college life, my focus is on debating stuff. I sacrificed almost everything I have just for the sake of debate. Include missing out those PPAN selections. 

            I am getting 24 this year, I will be a wife for stranger that made me his everything, I am already working in an oilfiled services company. My friend said that during this age, we have no time to play around. In my personal opinion, he is true. I am not saying that joining an exchange program will make me playing around and not taking it seriously, but it shows that I am not taking my earlier decision of getting married and focus on building a strong foundation for my career seriously. 

                Maybe before this I ever said that I will not work that long and maybe I will be a sweet housewife and staying at home mother, but after long discussions with my soul mate, and after my SLP3 review, I realize that I should do more than only being a housewife. Starting a business is a good idea, which I am trying so hard now to build my own online business, but this career that I have decided since 2011 to begin with, should not be wasted. 

                My appraisal was C. Yes, I was degraded from B for 2012 and also from B for my VT in 2011. I feel like I’ve been slap directly. My manager’s opinion somehow explaining that I am not taking this responsibility seriously. I only meet the expectation, I am not exceeding it. Being downgraded from the earlier review made me realize that I should re-set up my career pathway. I talked to my manager and tell her my target. Her explanation made me realize that the door is wide open, if only I could see it earlier. But now is not too late, though. 

             I have classified my priorities. Two things are on my list for this moment. Number one is I am going to achieve my LT 2 by October 2014, working hard with all of the modules and be champion in my ALT class this June. Number two is, prepare myself to be a great wife and life partner to Wegi and we will go against the world together. If there is anything in between that will disturb this priorities, I will sit down, take time to think wisely, and decide the best for all. At least that are for now. Do not asked me for things that will happen for next 2 years where I might having baby, because I am preparing myself for today and things might change in a long term, considering the situation. 


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  1. I also skipped those PPAN thingy, but I still love debate though. Good luck with your planning (y) :)