Thursday, 9 January 2014

A New Year Note

Assalamualaikum, hello my blogworld! :)

                I hope it is not too late to say, have a great new year of 2014, may the odd be in your favour, my lovely friends. As usual, as we started a brand new year, most of us will have our own resolution, aren’t we? But then, after reflecting to my 2013 resolution list, which many of then did not came true, so I have decided to have my 2014 dream list. Not as much as before, right now I really want to focus on few things that are really important for me.

                Personally, I have set few dreams that need to be achieved by the end of 2014. It will be categorized into few things, my personal character, my career, my relationship with WDS, my relationship with God and my own passive income source. Want to know what are my dreams? Let me share it with you. :)

My Personal Character 

                Alhamdulillah, 2013 had been great in terms of self actualization. I have learned a lot about life, about compromising, about understanding, giving without expecting and many other positive improvements on my personal character.  But I realize, there are many other aspects need to be improved inside me. For this year, I want to work on my sensitive side. 

                For those who might know me, I want to apologize for being a super sensitive creature upon unimportant things. One thing for sure, maturity does not define by age. But then, maturity should grow as how we’re getting older, isn’t it? So, I hope in 2014 onwards, I could improve more on this matter. If I heard any critics on me, I should listen carefully, filter whether it is good or not for my own development and then decide whether to listen or not. I hope I will no longer being a little kid who will easily get sulked after listen to things like this. 

                Apart from that, I want to improve myself on being a thankful human being in this earth. Remember that we will always look to our neighbor’s greener grasses? There are two different impacts on this issue. On the negative side, we will always think that how lucky they are for having such a good life, as how they showing it off, be it in social network or directly in front of our eyes. But then, we forgot that there is also another point of view, which is the positive one. That is the one thing that always being forgotten by us. We should realize that everyone in this earth are given their own ways, which obviously different with others. So, why bothers? Ours are also as good as others, the most important thing is, be a grateful person and we will enjoy our life to the fullest. I hope I can improve on this soon. ;)

My Career

                Previously, I am not the kind of woman who are chasing upon a career. For me, I signed in into the work I am doing now is for the sake of getting money to survive. That’s all. But then, time flies and people change. So do I. Working for more than a year, made me realize that I should have a goal on what I am doing right now. Yes, absolutely on my career as Lab Technician in no 1 oilfield services company in the world.  

                This year, I will attend my second school, again, in Kuala Lumpur (I hope they will move to Abu Dhabi soon. Haha ). After that, I want to focus on achieving my Grade 09, another grade, another salary to be received at the end of the month, right? :D 

                Apart from that, I want to find any possible opportunity for me to move to another department, for example QHSE department. I realize that I cannot grow as big as I wanted if I stay in the lab. I only learn few things about cementing, doing routine that absolutely boring and lack of self development in the end. If I need to stay at the lab, maybe it is just because of money. But for self development, I can see myself going nowhere. Furthermore, I hate standing in a comfort zone. So, I hope 2014 will let open another new door for me in terms of career development. :)

My Relationship with WDS

                2013 was an amazing year. I finally met someone who willingly to accept me as who I am, grow with me through good and bad and marry me. Alhamdulillah! We are about to bring this relationship to another level. Yes, we are getting married! :D

                For those of you who ever read my previous post, my plan was 2015, around February. But then, after discussions and both of our parents’ approval, InsyaAllah, our day will be in December 2014. Hopefully, our way to a beautiful place yet challenging place, a marriage will be as smooth as silk. Even if there will be obstacle and challenges, I hope both of us will face it maturely. 

                So, please pray for our beautiful journey, this December 2014. Aamiin ;)

 My Relationship with God

                The longer we live; death call is getting near to. That’s my personal statement. Yes, we never know when will be our time to leave this lovely yet horror life. So, the big question comes out. Are we ready to face the hereafter? There will be different time phase needs to be faced. Time in the grave, time during the judgment day and time for us to be in hell or jannah. Everyone hope that we will be in jannah. But are preparing ourselves for it? 

                I hope in this 2014 I can do more good to life. I want to earn as much preparation for akhirat I could. I want to maximize my moments in this earth. Do it by my own willingness, not by forced. Ikhlas, the key of ibadah. InsyaAllah, I hope I can do more good things and avoid doing thing He prohibit to. 

My Own Passive Income 

                Finally, my work schedule has become clear enough so that I could spend more time for myself. I arrange more things to be done during my free time, and now I am starting my business (once again, after few trial and error before). I am having a new online boutique, @maganda_ID, that is available on Twitter and Instagram. This boutique is specialized on handmade and one and only product for each pattern and design for dresses, skirts, shawls and more to come. This one is a serious matter. I want to build my own brand, where people will call it as “Magandanya Malisa”. 

                Right now we’re still on the process of doing photoshoot for the product. Of course, with the help of my dearest Bapak Negara and his DSLR camera. Hopefully this one will become a big brand, special from Kalimantan, Indonesia. ;)


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