Monday, 10 June 2013

Lucky Me

                 Waking up early in the morning, suddenly this thought crossed my mind. I am a lucky girl, who is given a ‘Superman’ to accompany the rest of my life journey. Someone who loves me even more than I love myself, someone who dare to take every risk just to be with me, someone who mean the world to me. Yes he is. He is my man. He is Wegi Dwi Sapto. The name that has been tattooed in my heart. The one I wanna grow old with.  

                He came just after I successfully moving on from my previous scars. The wound that never healed, I thought it was. I don’t know if I could survive in continuing my life after that tragedy. But finally, I made it. My past is kept away in the place it should be, opening my heart for a new journey. Without knowing that my partner is so close to me, my work mate. 

                I don’t know how to express it, the feeling inside me. But for everything that has happened, yes I am grateful that Allah finally let me meet him. The one I keep on saying in my prayers, in my du’a. The one I hope to be near to me, the one who always be by my side whenever it is, wherever it is, the one who would stay even Im mad at him, the one who would hold me when Im crying and wipe my tears. The one who willing to accompany me for the rest of my life. Alhamdulillah, he is. Allah gives me exactly as Im praying for. 

                I love him. With all my heart. Afraid of losing him? Yes I am. I am tired enough to have another heartbroken and it needs months to putting up the pieces together again. And this heart, is not the same anymore. It has become stronger than before. It has decided to let him be inside and stay there peacefully. With all of the consequences and things that I never know that will happen in the future, I have put the trust on him that he will not let it break. Even crack. Because it’s not just me or him, its about us and our future. Hopefully we will make it till the end, till Jannah InsyaAllah. Aamiin. 

                I am a lucky Malisa Sudirman, who is given a superman who is so mature at his age of 21 years old, to accompany her next phase of her life. This song under, really represent how I feel about him. My future partner Agent W, I love you. 

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