Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Acne Solution! ^__^

Hello blogworld! :D

This time I would like to share with you about my acne problems solution. Well, its kinda weird right when Icha starts to talk about beauty matter, but yeah, time fly and now I have so much concern on my skin beauty and health. ;)

Before this, I mean before Im working with this cement stuff, I dont have a super serious acne problems. Breakout did happened but its only during PMS phase. But now, the pimples are everywhere! huaaaaah T____T

I already used face scrub every week, and then use exfoliating facial wash that is available at the market, but nothing works. Even I reduce my consumption of fried food, because oil increase the potential of acne. The result? Nothing! The pimples are getting more and more and my pores are getting larger and my face looks like a moon. OMG T____T

Ive even thinking to go to a skin doctor, near my place there is on famous skin care clinic. But then, my research on their treatments and products made me cancelled it. Based on the information I got, they are using chemicals on their products. Which means will only creating more problems on my skin and health. Because from now on, Im avoiding chemical based cosmetic because its harming my skin. Furthermore,  I dont have enough time to go there for consultation and treatment due to my packed working schedule. :(

But no worries, I have found the correct treatment for my super serious acne problems! Thank you the The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care range! Yeaaaayyyy! One month, and the results are awesome! I hope it will help me to get an acne free skin soon! :D

Based on the research Ive done, Tea Tree Oil has a powerful ingredients to kills bacteria from deep under your skin tissue. It easily absorbed by skin and works very fast! :))

Firstly, Im using Tea Tree Facial Wash to cleanse up my skin. I use it 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night before my sleep. This facial wash is a water based cleanser. Its totally different from the usual facial wash that I used from one of a famous brand that consists of micro beads, which I thought it works to clean up the bacteria from the inside of my skin. But the fact is, micro beads are not to be used daily because it will irritate our skin. It means, all these times Im using the wrong product on my face! T___T But no worries, its not too late to cure this skin, since Ive found this soft facial wash that works on my skin. :))

Secondly, Im using Tea Tree Toner to help further cleansing process because it removes out dirt and gives a fresher look! Oh ya, the toner somehow feels a bit strong on your skin, about 5 minutes. But it still okay, as long as it doesnt irritate your skin. Irritation can be detected by redness on your face. Thank God, it doesnt. :))

For the moisturizer, I use a different product range for day and night usage. For day usage, I use Tea Tree Clearing Lotion. The good thing about this product is, its not oily at all like most moisturizers in the market. Thus, it reduce my oily skin too while moisture it. Yeay! Plus, it does smells good. :D

For night usage, before my sleep I will use Tea Tree Pore Minimizer. I chose this product because of my large pores. Yup, like I said, my face looks like a moon. huaaaah T____T Now Im quite happy because the results started to show up. hhe It does minimize my pores and hopefully it will disappear soon, forever. hha :D

For additional stuff, which I forgot to include it in the photo, is Tea Tree Blotting Tissue. Because my face is categorize as an oily skin, I need the help from this oil absorbent paper. It is very soft when touching my skin and absorb the oil very quickly and I dont need to press heavily to ensure it absorb the oil. :))

For weekly mask, I use Tea Tree Facial Mask. After cleaning my face with warm water, to open the pores, I will use this product. Let it be for 20 minutes, and then clean up. It clean deeper through you skin cells and help removes dirt and acne bacteria. I always love to use this facial mask. :D

Lastly,  for faster healing process of the pimples on my face, I will use the Tea Tree Oil itself. Just take a cotton bud, dip in into the oil and use in on the pimple itself. It reduces the redness due to the pimples and shorten the time for it to stay on my face. haha :P

I think that's all of my beauty sharing for my acne solution. Right now Im still fighting it and hopefully will get the best result ever. I will put a huge efforts and wait patiently for it. hhe And yeah, I do have traditional remedies too that Ive been practicing now. InsyaAllah, I will share in my next post.

Have a good Sunday night, people! :D


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