Friday, 2 March 2012

only in KL we do this (EAT)

by the time im in KL, everything i did was eating those exotic food which I cant find in any other parts in Indonesia. and me, really eat a LOT of them. I just cant stop my self of doing so. some we buy it at the market and some, my mom and I cooked it. well, i do cook. haha :D

Roti Canai : all time fav, especially the sambal :D

Tom Yam : I cooked this! :))

Mummy's Gado-gado :))

Nasi Ayam Kedai Kelah at Bukit Lanjan

Spagetti special from Icha Resto! *me made the sauce* :))

Mama's Bihun Goreng

Sate Kacang Cik Ndik
LAKSA! *2 mangkok* -,-a

lontong sayur :D

Mee Goreng Mamak made by Icha :D

there are more food actually, but this enough i think. my lovely food that i could only find in Malaysia. huaaaaaaah :(( really, really sad to accept the fact. i can cook some, but some of it (Malaysian's special) even my mom cant cook it. moreover myself. but ya, these food successfully made me afraid of standing at the top of weight balance to weigh myself. im GENDUT now -____-

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