Thursday, 1 March 2012

finally HOME after 2 years! :D

9th  February 2012
Palembang - Kuala Lumpur, via Air Asia

it was the moment ive been waiting for since ages! everytime i got my holidays, really wanna do this but unfortunately due to so many stuff (read : debate) thus i have to sacrifice it, my precious moments with my own family. by the time i had the chance to go back, i wont let this go away. yup, i have to go back this year, before i get busy with all intern and final report (well, already working on it now). and a lot of thanks to Dikti & Polsri for the cash prize that i utilize it wisely to buy my tickets and my new passport (my new passport actually sponsored by my uncle. hee). thus, i dont have to ask my father to transfer to my bank account. ya, i dont want to create more burden to him. and that's why i put my own effort to use my own money. and that's also the reason why my parents never came to meet me here in palembang. because they cant afford to buy the tickets for all of them (ayah, mama n adek) and they need a long time to save money for the trip. but that's ok, though they arent with me physically, i know there are here in a special place in my heart.

ok2 done for the sad part, now get into one of the biggest smile in my life. meeting my parents and my one and only sibling, my younger sister who is a Malaysian. haha my flight to LCCT took about 1hr 30 minutes and my parents are already there at the arrivals gate waiting for me. my sis cant come because she had march training at the school. the journey there was quite memorable. firstly, i have to leave the 'cuko' for the pempek that i brought because i forgot to put at the baggage and bring it to the cabin with me. if we travel to oversea, please put all of our liquid materials at the baggage, not inside the hand carry because it's not allowed to be brought along the flight in the cabin. so, i have to leave a 2 litres 'cuko' that is really important when we want to eat pempek later. (the story of pempek will continue after this) zzzzzzzz -___-"

secondly, after my arrivals at the LCCT, i need to queue for passport matter. as all we know, some Malaysians (not all of them) are quite harsh to Indonesians. especially when we would like to enter Malaysia no matter using air or water transportation, Indonesian will be asked so damn many questions, because they are taking anticipation steps to ensure that Indonesians will not work there illegally. but, the way they treated me was creating uneasiness. and hello, i know i look like a 'gembel' but please, im a human too. cant they treat me like how they greet the white? and im so not desperately to work there, illegally, i mean. if i do wanna work there, i'll aply my visa and working permit then. dont have to worry then. and because of my malay speaking ability getting rotten, then i used english to communicate with the immigration officer. and he replied me using malay. whatever! atleast im showing to you that im educated enough (well, thanks to Malaysian school anyway :p ).

after the passport thingy done, i collected my luggage and i was stopped once again. by the custom officer because i brought a box (then i really look like a gembel. haha) then he asked what inside (using Malay) and i answered him using english (again). and i have to explain to him clearly what the hell is pempek and take the example of keropok lekor ( malaysian food) that look the same as pempek. he also asked whether i study there but i answered im visiting my parents. (why didnt i said yes? hha) almost 10 minutes Q&A session (without my luggage being scanned/checked) i leave the officer and my parents already at the gate calling for my name! :D

i hugged my father first, then my mom and all of us almost burst into tears. ALMOST. but not. its almost 2 years that i havent meet them, so its justify if i cried. then, we got home, 1 hour drive and finally meet my crazy lil sis and she was damn tall! and i feel so small beside her -,-a for the dinner, we had ramly burger which ive been waiting for since ages! :D

my flight was during sunset. cool! :D

reading this through the journey

leaving Indonesia, entering Malaysia

baru nyampe, kudel2 tetep eksis sama mama :D

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