Thursday, 29 March 2012

first trip to Lampung, via train

Tonight im going to a city at the south-est part of Sumatra island, Lampung. Im going there due to the A-core has accidentally (hee never expect it at all) invited me to be one of the Invited Adjudicator for Polinela National Debating Competition. This is quite interesting because this is my first trip to Lampung (kemaren2 lewat doank kalo mau ke Jakarta naik mobil/bus) and my first time travelling via train!! (rite, i never travel via train except using monorail / LRT in KL and that's different) Me being excited because I will meet those great debaters, learn as much as I could with them and increase my adjudicating and also debating skill that I can bring back to EDS Polsri, the place that brought me this far. Yes, Im excited to be there! :D

my ticket :)

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