Saturday, 28 January 2012

sharing is caring, indahnya berbagi :)

date : 28th january 2011
time : 13.30 WIB
place : Panti Asuhan Nurul Aisiyah, Palembang

this is a very good opportunity, to share our happiness with those who are quite unfortunate. we went to an orphanage near Simpang Polda Palembang, right after we finished our last paper of this 5th sem exam! :D

firstly, we went to feby's house to have our lunch. we had nasi telor dadar *this is from the money collected before, for the orphanage and also for our lunch* hee :))

see, though only 'telor dadar' for lunch still can have these bright smile! :)

while waiting for others, let have some snaps!

meta, icha, yos, heru & dimas
then after we had our lunch *its a mini size lunch for me* hha, some of us went to buy the daily needs for the orphanage, including me. we bought a 20kg good quality rice, cooking oil, milk, instant mee, sugar and some snack for the kids.

then we went to the orphanage, via motorcycle. me was with rachman, the only empty ride left and i went there without wearing helmet. it was totally a bad idea! at the Simpang Polda, there was a policeman, and I have to hide along the way to get through the safe road, away from the policeman. and he ride his motorcycle damn fast, and i couldnt stop myself from shouting to him to be careful. yes, im kinda phobia with this running fast bike. but then, Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely at the orphanage and had a warm welcome from the head of orphanage and also the kids.

the event started with our class leader, Coco Farhan gave his opening speech and we had prayer together. for us, internship and final report and for the kids too. then we played some games with the kids. the first game was introducing themselves and the second one was 'tebak kata' :)

and the finale of the session was our own speech, 22 of us for the very last moment before we will be separated during their intern and my holidays. it was a sad moments and tear drops are everywhere. sorry for all of the mistakes from me, im just an ordinary icha who always made mistakes. beong stubborn and always easily get bad mood. and i hope this friendship will stay forever, not only until our 6th sem, but for all of our live. :)

then, its time to say goodbye. hope these kids will have a better future, and prove to everyone that they could be someone. and also for us, to be like this, stick to each other, forever.


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