Thursday, 12 January 2012

from amanzi to waterfun, full of excitement! :D

9th january, with all 21 classmates of KB 2009 we went to OPI Waterfun, a local water park in jakabaring. but, the journey to Waterfun was out of our earlier plan. at first, we planned to go to Amanzi Water park in Citra Grand City KM 14.we already asked the person who works there whether they're open or not on monday to ensure that we will gonna have fun there. everything went smooth, and all of us already prepare everything. after finishing our spring clean for Hydrocarbon Lab, we went for breakfast first. the phone call during our breakfast ruin everything! the employee told us that Amanzi is close on 9th jan due to maintenance.  whaaaaatt???? all of us, including me was deeply dissapointed. we hardly believe it, until i personally check Amanzi's FB and found this :


but then, after quite  serious discussion we finally decided to just go to OPI to play at the Waterfun. its quite cheaper, and still ok lah for palembang parameter as a water park.

and here our own excitement photos :))

we also went to Gelora Sriwijaya for lunch. at water ski venue. its like picnic and seems like diksar moment. hha

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