Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 : recap of the year :)

  •  i went to makassar for IVED 2011. 3 VPs and thousands of new experiences and knowledge, this was a good start of the year :)

February :
  • my holidays busy with debate training, and went to a job interview. at this company :

March :
  • 1st Best Speaker and 2nd Runner Up of National Polytechnic English Debate Competition 2011 :)

*we're undefeated till semi, luck wasnt by our side. but still Alhamdulillah :)

April :
  • Invited adjudicator for AMSA Unsri Debate Competition. and nothing more besides regular hectic classes and debate training. *fiuuuh! 

May :
  •  Finalist of Kopertis II NUEDC selection *this was seriously changed everything, because we lost to the under dog and my seniors condemn aby and i till we get damn down, till we gather the siprit to fight again in NUEDC 2011
  • Mawapres of Politeknik Negeri Siwijaya 2011 *speechless, beside Alhamdulillah :)

June :
  • 5th best Speaker and Grandfinalist of National University English Debate Championship 2011! *successfully made lot of people stay silent watching me at the grandfinal hall, made my enemy silent forever! 

July :
  • went to yogyakarta for JOVED 2011 *just in love with this exotic city!
  • KKL tekim '09 (banten - jakarta - yogyakarta - bandung )

August :
  •  Runner Up Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional 2011 
  •  Schlumberger Vacation Trainee 2011 (Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger Prabumulih)

September :
  • Tunza International Children and Youth Conference 2011 (Bandung)

October :
  • how to describe this month? great one! i found my love :) *well, i was found by someone actually* hha :D

November :
  • Breaking Adjudicator of Founders' Trophy University of Indonesia 2011

December : 
  • Chief Adjudicator of IDEA Debate 2011

Alhamdulillah for every single thing, now im ready to face surprises on 2012! :))

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