Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Truth

Hello my blogworld! 

Its been quite a while Im not posting about relationship matter. Well, as I mentioned before, I will not go for any other relationship other than a marriage. Of course, as a muslim woman, Im dreaming of a halal relationship with the one I love. Furthermore, I also posted about my plan to get married when Im 25 years old, which mean another +- 2 years. But I should remember one thing, that people may plan anything that they thought best for them, but Allah always have the best decision for everything. 

Now, allow me to share a story with you. About someone who suddenly came into my life. How it started? Out of nowhere. Just like a click, he just so into me. Well, we are working at the same company, but different segment. Apart from that, we attended different OFS1 Training, so I dont know him that much. And we only talked once, when we were using the same car to go back. haha Im being me, who welcome everybody who wants to be my friend, share stories, talk to each other and try to have a good friendship. Because Im here alone, and these friends are my family. 

As usual, we talked, we laughed. Everything started when I attended my Basic Laboratory Training in Kuala Lumpur. He posted on my wall, asking how things going. Hmm, the message can be sent using private message right, to avoid gossip. But he did not ~,~ And, the gossip spread widely, especially among Slb trainees. 

Im trying to commit to what I said. I will not have any other relationship outside marriage, so here we are. Bestfriend. I do have hope. But I let Allah decide everything. All I know now is I have to be better, prepare myself for my marriage, learn a lot and pray a lot. 

Is it 2015 or earlier, I let Allah works on His plan. 


Google said this is at Belitung, his hometown. Isn't it lovely :)

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