Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Preparation : Savings

                Remember I have told you that I already found my ‘Prince Charming’ and we already planned to spend the rest of our life together?  Now, I will share with you about our preparation. What kind of preparation? Our SAVINGS for the D-day and the days ahead! *excited* :D

                Well, we already being together as a loving couple since April (maybe, Im not so sure because we did not decide any anniversary date for this), and started from May we have decided to plan every single details that are needed for our future. It’s not only about the wedding day itself, its also regarding our life after the ‘ijab Kabul’. Yes, we’re trying our best to prepare everything maturely. I believe that when we prepare for the worst, we will be able to control the situation. So, here we go, our first preparation is the savings. 

                Firstly, we have decided to spend a few amount of our salary, the same amount for me and him, every month. Yes, it’s a good idea, where we already take a few steps ahead to achieve our special mission. But then, the execution was not as smooth as how it should be. We supposed to start from June and by end of this month, we should have some amount of money that can be used later. But the reality shows different thing. We have NO SAVING at all! Yes, NO SAVING for the thing that both of us agreed before. What a shame. :”(

                What happened was, both of us keep the money in the same account where we receive our salary. That was the biggest mistake ever. Me, as usual, big spenders who always shop for almost everything cannot control myself from the DISCOUNT at the mall. Where him, needs to help his family a lot, eventhough he already spend some amount of money to his mother in Belitung. It’s not a problem actually, because he is doing his responsibility. But then, the question pop out for both of us, how we can still shop for ourselves and help our family and at the same time we can also have our own savings for our future? 

                Nothing to worry, because the solution for this problem already exists but both of us never realize it before. It is about having a special account for us to save our money, cannot be disturbed by any other reason and we have to be responsible for it. Yes, we are going to open an account just to store our money for our future! After a long research of what kind of bank that will help us on this matter, we decided to open an account in BNI Syariah through Tabungan iB Hasanah using Wadiah akad. Why? The reason is simple, in Wadiah akad, there is no monthly administration fee. Means, IT’S FREE! Our money will stay the same amount at the end of our saving! Yeeaaaaay! :D 

                Yesterday, I went to BNI Syariah office near the place where I am staying currently. The CS (is it the CS who help to open an account?) was so friendly! Yeah, of course, I am the client and they’re providing services to me, of course I should be treated like a queen. Muehehehe :p After the explanation from her (the CS is a woman) and I have decided to chose the account that I have searched and learned before through Google, which is Tabungan iB Hasanah, using Wadiah akad. In brief, Wadiah is a system where our money is stored peacefully without any additional from the bank (bagi hasil) and will not be charged for any monthly administration fee. 

                Hopefully, this step will let us gets nearer to our special mission. InsyaAllaah.. Dear Allah, please ease our way to the marriage, let it be as smooth as silk. Aamiin.. :)

Our account :D


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