Sunday, 6 November 2011

Schlumberger Vacation Trainee 2011 (Chapter 2: SIPP & QHSE Training)


after a looong time, and now finally i had a chance to type the 2nd chapter of my VT story. *while everybody busy eating, chatting etc etc cuz its Hari Raya Haji, people! :))

the 2 nd chapter will talk more on my 3 days training in jakarta, exactly in The Park Lane Hotel, Kuningan. before i went to jakarta, Bu Kris reminded bout the ticket and the date via email and phone call *the phone call was when I was in Semarang for NUEDC, before semifinal -.-"* . then, aby *yup another thing to be done with my big black baby all time fav team mate* and I went together to jakarta, of course by the tickets and taxi paid by Schlumberger. hhe

and this where the story of 'super minder icha' started again *after NUEDC*. only God knows how i felt was. there were 20 degree and 20 diploma students from all over Indonesia who passed the final selection. and for me, an average student from a nowhere college suddenly came up to join this training. everyone kinda like 'where on earth are you from'? yup, whatever it is, im already there, meeting those people from well-known universities and colleges, so just do what i suppose to do in Park Lane, which to prepare myself before the VT.

well, lets go to the serious matter. hhe the training objective is to prepare all the VT students regarding the safety, injury, health, quality, and also environment. which suppose to be very important when you would like to join this 'The Blue' company and also any other company i think. safety first, people! :)) the training started with brief explanation about what we gonna go through for 3 days ahead, about the Do's and Dont's and some important reminders before we go to our base assigned. then, the training continued with Pak Yayat from Transportation and HSE Management of Slb, and he explained about QHSE Induction and etc etc every single details bout QHSE matter. but still in the end, a VT student like us will never be allowed to do anything because everything seems to be dangerous especially when you're assigned as FS or FE and even MT. beside pak yayat, there were also bu aprilia who helped to explained bout the safety thingy.

rite i think that serious matter will never be that attractive. haha i got more experience about meeting new people *though am this 'minder parah' getting know new people made me realize how life is all about. yup, life doesnt evolve only about 'me, myself and I' but also people around me. here goes I got 39 new great friends *though they still hardly remember which college I came from, hha* and spent 3 days with them, all seems good. my room mate was Fida, from UPN Yogya and she was very MEDOK -__-a

well, the most important facts about my friends in this VT is most of them are javanese and speak veary medokly! hhe another friend was assik and yoga from malang and wanto from jogja. and aulia a surabayan but studying in samarinda. all of them ever communicate using javanese in front of me! im not bening racist, but i just dont understand what they are saying somehow, it sounds so damn different with my indonesian tounge. but then, i still appreciate them as my new friends, and hope this friendship last forever. :)

but then, the most important part of this training was the hotel and the food! we got times to pamper ourselves and eat as much as we can! like bu kris said, this is the time for 'perbaikan gizi' especially for those who are staying out of hometown, far from enough nutrition by their parents. haha

well, not much to be told for this few days of training, but still another good experience, though. :)

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