Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Career : Lab Technician (Schlumberger)

              Hello, by this post I would like to share about my career in Schlumberger as Lab Technician (still a trainee now, but hopefully after lebaran I will remove it. AAMIIN) :D So, please a have a read on this post to let you have a clear picture of what Im exactly doing in Schlumberger. :)

Job title: 

                I am a Laboratory Technician for Cementing Laboratory in Schlumberger’s Well Services segment. I hope the title of my job is celar enough and dont really need further explaination right? Hhe :p


                Minimum requirement is Diploma III holder in any engineering major, but preferly in Chemical Engineering. But no worries, one of my friends came from Foundry Engineering, Polman. Minimum GPA, Im not sure, but just make sure you’re above 2.75. English fluency will be a benefits for you because everything here using English. And FYI, my boss is Iranian so I have to use English while communicating with him. And there are many expatriate in Slb. :)

Job Description: 

                Being a Laboratory Technician (LT) in Cementing Lab means I am working with cement. Yup, cement! Maybe you are wondering what kind of the connection between cement with oil and gas world, just believe me, the are a lot of connection between cement with oil and gas.  

                As an LT, my main resposibility is to test the cement that will be used in drilling job. The cement will be used to hold the casing and provide zonal isolation (go google what is it means) to it. In simple word, my work is to cook the cement, see how long it needs to be cooked and how strong is it. Apart from that, I also need to find out how much the water it contains and how viscous it’s going to be. Not to forget ho bis is the density of the cement slurry that later on will be pumped into the well. 

                My work will start when Cementing Field Engineer send the request for a cement job (unfortunately, I cannot show the document) for our client such as TOTAL, Pertamina, NIKO etc. After that, I will have to search for previous lab reports for reference and run the test (test means cooking the cement). Actually, before we have the client, we have to undergo Tender process based on clients requirement. During the tender test, we will have to design according our future clients requirements and specs. After we win the tender, then we will proceed with the test for current job and do the modification if there are any changes in well condition. After the test has finished, I will prepare the lab report for the Field Engineer who will review it and then send to our client. 

                Actually, my work isnt as complicated as others. But it needs a high concentration while designing, testing and reporting. Mistake in one single number or fail to add the correct amount of chemical may lead to billion dollar lost! -__-

Working Hour / Schedule:

                My working hour is not fixed due to the lab Im working with now is in 24 hours operational with limited number of team members, so that’s why Im working in shift. I am assgined for one week in morning shift (8 am – 8 pm), one week for night shift (8 pm – 8 am) and sometimes afternoon shift (2 pm – 10 pm). I was given 2 days off per week, one day during weekdays, one day during weekend. 

*This working schedule only applied in Balikpapan Lab. For Jakarta, Duri, Prabumulih, they have different working schedule


                As per everyone knowledge (yes, I hope most of everyone knows that Schlumberger has its own training centre), LT also has our own training program. Unfortunately, it’s not a training centre like others. The training is provided by the central lab for each area. For my training, I went to Kuala Lumpur (hahahahahahaha pity me, going back to home town for training -____-“) in last March. The venue for my training was Client Support Laboratory (CSL) for Middle East & Asia. 

                There’s nothing much about my school (usually we call our training as school) because its too short and too near. But then, I still feel lucky to be given the chance for the training itself because I got to learn a lot about the technology used in Schlumberger. 

Career Pathaway:

                I am lucky to be assigned as LT because the career progress is kind of fast (fixed step training program). Yes, I need at least one year to be promoted to Grade 08 employee (currently Im Grade 07). After that, after one year as G08 I will be given the cahnce for my second school and promoted to G09. After that, I can chose whether want to stay in lab or move my self as office worker (as HSE, procurement etc). But it still depends on my performance. :D

Personal Message:

               Personally, I like what I am doing right now. I got the chance to learn new things, working with a global environment and being paid above the average amount of cash compare to other fresh gradute. Apart form the good things that I have, I realize that there so many things that being sacrificed. For example, being far from my beloved family and friends, rearely get the chance to go home and eat my mom’s cooking. For you who are interested to be part of Schlumberger laboratory, just make sure you are ready for any consequences while working here.  

Me working on Sunday :D


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